About Us


National Convenience Distributors

National Convenience Distributors, the parent brand of HLA Distributors, J. Polep Distribution Services, Allen Brothers Wholesale Distribution and Wustefeld Candy serves customers in the Northeastern United States as one of the country’s largest full-line convenience store distributors. These four companies have shared nearly identical family values, corporate cultures, and customer-centric philosophies. Now, under one parent company, they plan to continue and enhance the legacy of excellence and shared values while providing value-added services and personalized product recommendations that nurture long-term relationships. By employing talented team members who bring their experience, knowledge, and commitment to National Convenience Distributors, we are able to transform and grow not only our businesses but even more importantly, yours.


The vision of National Convenience Distributors is… To whole-heartedly commit to the long-term relationships with and success of our people, clients, and partners.


The mission of National Convenience Distributors is… To be an industry leader by delivering outstanding service, unmatched values, and unwavering dedication in all our relationships.


National Convenience Distributors provides superior customer service with an unparalleled infrastructure to best serve you, our loyal customers. We create long-lasting relationships by putting your success as our number one priority. Our experienced and dedicated team works closely with you to increase your profitability with personalized product placements and value- added services. National Convenience Distributors focuses on the developmental growth of your in-store sales with the mindset of improving your margin dollars. We are continuously expanding and diversifying our product lines and implementing new programs and innovative solutions to help you stand out.


Family First

As family owned businesses, we make it our priority to maintain that mindset and dedication to treating every relationship we enter — from our employees to our clients to our partners — with the dedication, caring, and reliability of a family member.

Committed to Growth

We believe no matter how big or small, there is always room for growth. For our clients, our team, and our vendors, we are dedicated to finding and creating new and innovative opportunities to generate long-term success.

Passionate People

Having thrived in the full-line convenience store distribution industry, we’ve not only developed an expertise in what we do, but a true-blue passion for going the extra mile. Having a hand in elevating our team and clients to new levels of success keeps us coming back for more.

Quality Above All Else

From our products to our services to the people we employ, we’re committed to delivering quality in every relationship.